Procedures for Servicing your Server


When requesting technical support service that requires that My Trade Host staff to log into your server, you should follow technical support team directions carefully. This is to ensure the safety of your server and the existing installation.

The following are some important practices you should be aware of in the technical support process:

1) We do not provide over the phone technical support. You must submit an online support ticket or email so we can document your techincal issue. The online support system is designed to quickly prepare the solution for you across different staff in our departments and at data centers. The online support system also uniquely identifies you, and further prevents hackers or identity theft attackers from claiming to be you over the phone. It is critical that you work with us so we can carefully solve your technical problems and get you trading again ASAP.

2) Be very clear about the technical issue you are experiencing on your server. Detail the problem you are experiencing, even if it is in non-technical terms. Take a screenshot to explain it if necessary. This reduces the back and forth communications required to troubleshoot your technical problems.

3) Shutdown any computers applications you have been running as gracefully as you can. SAVE ALL YOUR WORK. If you cannot, then make it known to the support staff member responsible for your support ticket that you cannot shutdown your computer applications. We will on our best efforts not to interfere with your running applications. However, we cannot guarantee they will keep running during server servicing. Our support team may need to reboot the server.

4) Once we confirm we will login to your server, you should log out of your server and wait for our email response before you log back in. Because when there are multiple logins at the same time by you and our staff, it makes it difficult to service your server. Both parties will encounter disconnects and miscommunications.

5) Please be aware that basic hosting services are for emergency reboots, hardware problems and general operating system issues. As a courtesy to you, we review and diagnose all technical problems. However, some work and maintenance that requires advanced tech support or maintenance may require a purchase of a premium support ticket or plan.


6) Support response times will vary depending on your place in the queue and the priority level we assess for your support case. We give the highest priorities to servers or networks experiencing down-time. Even without an instant reply from us, please be aware that we are working on your case and will report back to you once we have information to share, status to update or the problem has been solved. Multiple emails, tickets or phone calls will not speed up the resolution of your support case, and could, in fact, delay troubleshooting your issues.

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