New Client Questionnaire

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Questionnaire Outline:
1. Your contact information
2. What do you need from MyTradeHost?
3. What do you trade?
4. How do you trade?
5. Your trade hosting experience
6. Your trading business structure
7. Your trading technology
8. In your own words…

Time to Complete: 5-10 mins.

Questionnaire Tips:
1. You MUST hit submit at the end of the questionnaire (on step 9) for it to be sent to us.

2. It’s alright to leave some fill-in fields blank if you don’t know the answer. Answer as much as you can.

3. At the end of the questionnaire, you’ll get a chance to tell us more information, in your own words, about what you need for your trading.

4. As long as your web browser is open, your answers will be saved from page to page. So, it is okay for you to go back and forth through the questionnaire to edit your answers.

5. We do not disclose any of your information to third-parties. So it is safe with us.